Screw conveyors

Screw conveyors are perfect for the transport on short distance. The main function of the conveyor is to transfer bulk material at many stages during a process. Ottevanger Milling Engineers designed the conveyors for the horizontal and slightly inclined transport of bulk goods with a maximum particle diameter of +/- 15 mm.

One of the advantages of a screw conveyor is the variety of products that can be moved with a screw. The following industries make use of a screw conveyor:

  • Grain processing
  • Animal feed
  • Mixed feed
  • Breweries
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry

The screw conveyor is an ideal solution for an accurate supply of mixers but can also be used as discharge equipment. The screw conveyor is available in different variations. The shaft with the propeller blades rotates in a tubular or U-shaped trough.

The propeller blade of the conveyor moves the product from the intake in the trough to the outlet on the drive side. The trough can be provided with intermediate outlets between the intake and the final outlet. The screw shaft is supported at set intervals by intermediate bearings. The drive group consists of a motor reducer, directly coupled or fitted with a chain drive.

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Range of Screw conveyors

Type  Filling degree(m³/h) RPM Pitch
 0,3 0,5 
200 10 17 34 90 200
250 18 30 59 80 250
300 22 37 74 70 250
350 31 52 104 60 300
400 34 56 113 50 300
450 45 75 150 45 350
500 55 92 184 40 400
700 108 180 360 30 500