Flight conveyors

Ottevanger Milling Engineers Flight conveyors are used for applications that have the most strict hygienic demands. The conveyors are suitable for conveying practically all powders and granulates. Capacities range from 30 up to 400 m3/h. These conveyors are capable of inclined conveying up to an angle of 40°.

Features Flight Conveyors

  • S235 steel trough, U-shaped, fully enclosed design
  • Primer and paint finish
  • Geared drive units
  • Flexible coupling
  • Product overflow detection is standard
  • Chain tensioner
  • Guide strips for the flights
  • HMPE flights

Special Executions

  • Executed in AISI304
  • Executed in galvanized S235 steel
  • Double the amount of flights
  • Bombdoor outlets
  • Speed sensor
  • ATEX22 zoned drive-units
  • Intermediate outlets
  • Inclined installation up to 40°

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