Flight conveyors

Flight conveyors are suitable for the conveying of virtually all powdered and granulated products. Ottevanger Flight conveyors are used with special modifications the flight conveyor can raise the product to an angle of 40°.

Further advantages are a low energy consumption, a dust-free operation, favourable dimensions and a great degree of maintenance-friendliness. Special designs are possible, such as galvanised, stainless steel executions with or without multiple “bombdoor”outlets.

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Ottevanger Milling Engineers offers a wide range of transport options for raw materials. Below a selection of our frequently chosen conveyors:
Screw Conveyors
Chain Conveyors
Bucket Elevators
Rotary Bin Dischargers

Range of Flight conveyors

Type Capacity in (m³/h)
0,52(m/s) 0,65(m/s) 0,76(m/s)
200 26 35 40
300 80 100 120
400 141 176 211
600 306 382 459