Rotary dischargers

Discharging product from storage facilities is an important part of an installation. When the product flow is having difficulties while being discharged, the whole installation is being at risk of a stand still. Rotary dischargers can help prevent these stand stills.

Rotary dischargers are highly suitable for the discharging of powders or granules with poor flow characteristics from bins and silos. They can also be used to provide regular feed to processing machines or weighing hoppers.

The structure consists of a fully enclosed cylindrical steel housing with a flange for securing the discharger to the bin outlet. The motor reducer, which is attached to the base with a flange and drives the rotor, is fitted with specially shaped blades. An electro-pneumatically operated discharge slide is provided for products with a tendency to discharge in an uncontrolled manner.

Options Rotary Dischargers

  • Stainless steel housing and rotor
  • ATEX motor
  • Multiple outlet

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