Quick Hammer Exchange System

We proudly introduce our great new addition to the Hammer Mills GHM; the QHE system (Quick Hammer Exchange). Replacing the worn hammers on a regular basis is very important to maintain the highest quality feed. Replacing these hammers was a time consuming, two man job. This led to us looking into a quicker and more efficient solution and resulted in the QHE system. This new system makes it a lot easier to gain access to the hammers. Replacing the hammers is therefore no longer a two man job but can be done by one person.

In order to maintain the quality of the feed in the hammer mills, the hammers need to be replaced on a regular basis. Replacing these hammers is usually done by two persons and takes a lot of time. With the QHE system, it now requires just one person.

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Benefits Quick Hammer Exchange System

The installation of the QHE system brings some benefits to your process:

  • Replacing hammers takes less time
  • Instead of two people, you now need just one person to replace the hammers
  • Easy acces to the hammers makes the job a lot more user friendly
  • Less down time

How does it work?

The QHE system makes it easy to replace hammers, using the next steps:

  1. Unlock the screen holder
  2. Connection of holders for hammer exchange unit
  3. Removing the axle
  4. Insertion of the new hammers
  5. Change to second hammer position