Batch Weighers

Batch weighers, fitted with a rapid-discharge slide or a discharge chain conveyor, were designed to receive large components and carrier materials, both powders and granulated components, and to weigh these quickly and accurately. Combining the batch weigher with a discharge bunker underneath can considerably reduce the batch time, as the next batch can be dosed immediately after discharge of the weigher via the rapid-discharge slide. A dosing installation is usually fitted under several silo cells. The components are dosed one after the other into the weigher via dosing equipment, such as screw feeders, grid-slide feeders or rotary discharge equipment.

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The weighing capacity of this type of dosing weigher varies from 500 to 6.000 kg. Depending on the length of the weigher four or more load cells are used to save weight. The dosing installation can be designed as a compact weighing bunker with a discharge slide or as a long bunker weigher (max. 25 m) with a discharge Chain Conveyors.