Single Shaft Paddle Mixers

The strict demands posed on the mixer in the processing industry were the starting point for the development of the Ottevanger high accuracy mixers. One of the main concepts is our single shaft paddle mixers. These Ottevanger paddle mixers are designed for mixing dry powders and granulates irrespective of their bulk density or shape. Liquids can be added during the mixing process.

The Ottevanger paddle mixers are equipped with pneumatic operated bomb doors under the full length of the mixing trough. This shortens the discharge time to approximately 15-20 seconds. The mixing plant can operate fully automatic with a capacity up to 15 batches per hour.

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  • Mixing accuracy of 1:100.000/ C.V. 3-7%
  • Short mixing time of approx. 120 seconds
  • Discharge time of 15 seconds
  • Reliable sturdy construction
  • Low power consumption
  • Hygienic design
  • Easy replaceable and adjustable paddle

The Ottevanger mixing line also includes the:

All machines can be customized. The machines can be carried out in stainless and be delivered with ATEX 22 components, special internal coatings, a powerful  drive and other options.

Special execution Single Shaft Paddle Mixers

  • Stainless steel executions
  • Increased drive capacities
  • Rilsan coating on the mixer shaft
  • ATEX22 certified components