Ottevanger quality extruder parts are used to manufacture Contivar™ Expanders for the feed industry, a popular machine to improve feed quality. The robust, basically simple design of the Ottevanger equipment guarantees years of trouble free service. The Active Disc system on expanders is used in order to control exact power input. Using the Active Disc system the expander becomes a tool that can be precisely tuned in order to assure quality of the product. The Contivar™ Expander is supplied with a new compression control system for expansion. The system works with an Active Disc forming strings of expanded product. The AD system is more easy to control and offers excellent availability of wear parts compared with the traditional cone systems.


  • Eliminate heat sensitive bacteria (salmonella)
  • Higher fats and liquids inclusions
  • Gelatinization of available starches
  • Improved end product durability and strength
  • Increased output of forming unit
  • Reduces wear costs of forming unit
  • Improved water stability for fish feed
  • Enhanced oil extraction
  • Access to wear parts
  • By opening a lightweight stainless steel door only
  • Easy cleaning
  • Less downtime for maintenance

Range of Expanders

Type Motor(kW) Motor slide adjustment
(power kW)
barrel diameter
AL150 45-75 0,55 150 1-6
AL200 75-132 0,55 200 5-10
AL300 132-315 0,75 300 10-30
AL350 315-400 0,75 350 30-45