Hot Start Conditioners (TCS)

A closed, insulated and heated mixing chamber, in which a mixture is heated with dry steam by a shaft which can rotate in two directions. Generously sized paddles, adjustable in both height and pitch, create a homogeneous mixture and a hygienic process. Two PT 100 temperature sensors register the preset temperature after which the electro-pneumatically controlled flap of the outlet is opened.


  • A 100% guarantee that the mixture, right from the first kilo, undergoes the desired thermal treatment in order to combat bacteria, such as salmonella
  • Guaranteed first-in/first-out of the mixture in the retention time barrel
  • Bypass system, for non-thermally treated mixtures at start of production or at emergency stop, is no longer required
  • Lower energy consumption of the pellet mill due to a higher temperature of the mixture, generated by relatively inexpensive, dry steam
  • Up to 15% increase of pelleting capacity, due to a higher temperature and improved absorption of steam
  • Easy to clean
  • Longer maintenance intervals
  • Simple design

Features TCS

  • Mixer housing in AISI 304, base plate construction in heavy duty steel
  • Solid mixer shaft in AISI 304 with inter-changeable paddles, adjustable in both height and pitch
  • Built-in scrapers at endplates
  • Rotating disc with an adjustable passage
  • Directly driven by gear motor, suitable for frequency control
  • Paddle holders in AISI 304, paddles in Hardox
  • Large inspection hatches with safety switch
  • Two temperature sensors PT 100
  • 1 Steam inlet 3” and 2 liquid inlets 1½”
  • Mixing chamber and inspection hatches insulated with rockwool
  • Electric heating system with adjustable thermostat 30°-110° Celsius

Range of Hot Start Conditioners

Timing Belt Driven

Type Capacity (tph) Motor Power(KW)
450×2000 15 11
500×2500 20 11
500×3000 25 15
700×3000 30 15

Direct Drive

Type Capacity (tph) Motor Power(KW)
450×2000 15 9,2
500×2500 20 15
500×3000 25 15
700×3000 30 18,5