The pre-cleaners are designed to safeguard the plant equipment against foreign objects. It’s ideal application is in the intake line of raw materials shortly after the intake of raw materials. The Ottevanger pre-cleaner seperates pieces of wood, stones, clothes etc. from the mainstream. In general, items that can cause damages to transport – and process equipment. For situations where raw materials maybe contaminated with ropes and strings, a proven catching device can be installed.

The cleaner consists of a rotating drum, clad with a mesh screen with holes of 40×40 mm. The material is fed to the inside of the drum. The good material passes the screen and is normally send to an external magnet. The oversized material is transported by flight to the back of the machine and collected in the second outlet.

The inlet section of the machine contains a manually operated bypass valve and is fitted with manganese steel, replaceable wearing plates. The bypass valve is bolted to its position, with optional sensors relaying the position to the control panel.

The pre-cleaner is completely enclosed and equipped with a connection for dust aspiration. Further, the outlet for a good product is equipped with a sight glass. Over the sight glass, a level switch can be mounted to detect product built-up in the outlet.

A heavy shaft at the back supports the drum. The machine is driven by a shaft mounted geared motor flanged at the rear.

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The pre-cleaner can be equipped with an extra connection for aspiration, which will remove the finer screening from the raw material.
Basket sifters removal of coarse impurities in reception facilities. Without magnets and/or aspiration. With drive, inlet with wear plate, bypass in the inlet and aspiration connection.


Range of basket sifters/pre-cleaners