Micro Dosing Unit

The MDU is a modular build high accuracy dosing system suitable for a wide range of different applications. It is also an easy expandable system in case needed. The MDU Dosing unit consist of a robust and hygienic designed base-frame made of steel box sections with the bin hoppers, dosing equipment and scales fully integrated.

The MDU can carry itself a reasonable sized bin block with max. 8 bins per unit. For more contents the MDU can be fitted under a larger bin block with an external construction.

Unique benefits

The unique advantages of the MDU compared to ordinary dosing systems is its flexibility and wide applicability. Besides a high dosing and weighing accuracy the MDU system has the possibility to use 4 super scales simultaneously which reduces the overall cycle time by considerably. The MDU can be used for a wide range of applications such as feed, food, cereals, seeds, petfood, aqua feed, premix and concentrates, etc.

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  • Flexible
  • Wide applicability
  • High dosing and weighing accuracy
  • Good service accessibility
  • Extremely short cycle times achievable
  • Very large control range from extremely precise to very fast


The MDU consists of the following components:

  • 8x stainless steel bins variable in size
  • 6x agitators (optional)
  • 8x dosing screw feeders (variable execution)
  • 8x pneumatic shut-off valve
  • 1-4 small super scales max. dosing volume 15 dm³
  • 1-2 large super scales max. dosing volume 20 dm³
  • 1x main weigher, range 50-380 kg (load cells variable)

The smallest recommended dosing volume 2 % of the scale capacity.


  • MDU 8.0 incl. 1 main weigher
  • MDU 8.2 incl. 2 small super scales
  • MDU 8.3 incl. 2 large super scales
  • MDU 8.4 incl. 4 super scales