Conventional Plants

Ottevanger Milling Engineers specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of machinery and installations for the grain-processing and animal feed industry.

We focus on turn-key projects, in which complete installations are supplied tailor-made to meet the requirements of the customer.  All Ottevanger installations can be optimised to suit specific situations and requirements. Most of the equipment is manufactured in-house so we have full control during the construction of the project.

We design solutions based on proven and new ways of thinking, with the aim of creating an innovative project design. In doing this we devote a great deal of attention to safety, hygiene and energy consumption.

Ottevanger builds the following types of installations:

Ottevanger has over 100 years of experience in building mills and machinery. Our installations, which are used every day worldwide, are proof of our skills and expertise in the production of animal feed and food products.