Screw conveyors

Ottevanger Milling Engineers has developed screw conveyors for multiple applications. These conveyors are used for dosing, extracting, feeding and conveying purposes. Use of high-quality components makes for a reliable and easily serviceable conveyor. A sturdy design ensures a long and troublefree service life. Ottevanger screw conveyors are available in a wide range of capacities.

Features Screw Conveyors

  • S235 steel trough, tubular or U-shaped, fully enclosed design
  • Primer and paint finish
  • Geared drive units
  • Intermediate bearings to prevent sagging of main shaft
  • Product overflow detection is standard

Special Executions

  • Executed in AISI304
  • Executed in galvanized S235 steel
  • Variable pitch of the screw blade
  • Intermediate outlets
  • Speed sensor
  • ATEX22 zoned drive-units
  • Frequency controlled drive-units for dosing and feeder applications
  • Shut-off valve for dosing applications to prevent afterflow
  • Inclined installation up to 15°

One of the advantages of a screw conveyor is the variety of products that can be moved with a screw. The following industries make use of a screw conveyor:

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