Over a century ago, in 1909, Dirk Ottevanger founded our company in Moerkapelle for the maintenance and repair of windmills. Under the management of the 2nd generation in 1930 Ottevanger switched from traditional milling to the fabrication of industrial machinery and installations for the grain-processing industry.

Entering the sixties after the establishment of a 2nd office and a large production facility in Aalten, Ottevanger started to export it`s products and turn-key projects throughout Europe followed by other continents.


Since 2003 Ottevanger Milling Engineers is being managed by the fourth generation of the Ottevanger family. The company has grown to an independent international operating company, with a large international network of clients spread all the world (more than 60 countries).

The accumulated knowledge and experience of more than 100 years determine the quality of design, equipment and installations of Ottevanger Milling Engineers and its efficiency and reliability.