Inline & continuous Weighers

Continuous weighers

Continuous weighers were designed to receive a product flow of one component, in powdered or granulated form, in a continuous process and to weigh this quickly and accurately. In combination with dosing equipment, such as a screw feeder or a vibrating chute, this gives rise to a constant product flow to the weigher. By varying the dosing speed the capacity of the continuous weigher can also be changed – within the capacity range of the weigher. The in-line continuous weigher and the dosing equipment are fitted under a silo outlet.

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Inline weighers

Ottevanger Milling Engineers offers a wide range of inline weighers with a capacity to 3178 ft³ per hour. The inline weigher is a perfect solution for in-plant process control. The hopper meets the latest standards and ensures a high stability and optimum accuracy of weighing. The design of the weigher ensures the purity of the material and has minimum fabric remnants.