Pet Food

The global pet food industry is currently growing at around 4.5% per year and pet food experts agree that this trend will continue into the near future. Unlike animal feeds where nutritional and physical feed requirements are driven by the animal, nutrition and food requirements are driven by pet owners.

Pets are treated as family members, and the “Humanization of Pets” results in very interesting trends in terms of nutrition and pet food manufacturing, of which the following are just a few examples:

• modern-day pet owners call themselves pet parents
• they refer to their pets as companion animals
• they tend to adopt the same requirements we have for healthy human nutrition in pet food nutrition, and products such as grain-free; vegetarian; organic; low carb; high fresh meat inclusion; GMO-free; dental care products and pet treats are quickly becoming the trend
• these and other factors are driving the requirement for novelty ingredients of exceptional variety, quality and freshness to be used in Premium and Ultra Premium
• conventional ingredients will always be there for basic or mainstream nutrition

However, novelty ingredients and in particular a very wide variety of fresh meat and fish ingredients became driving forces in ingredient selection and the subsequent choice of technology to process these ingredients in pet food.

Ottevanger Milling Engineers & Petfood Manufacturing

At Ottevanger Milling Engineers we acknowledge and understand how trends in the pet industry impact the design of pet food processing solutions. We took great care over many years developing technologies and equipment meeting and exceeding the growing demands of the global petfood industry. We take time consulting with customers to ensure we fully understand customer requirements and more specifically requirements of the specific market the customer is serving. We do not promote or apply a “standard” Petfood Plant design and each project is assessed on its own merits.