Compound Feed

Equipment and installations for the Compound Feed industry form the heart of the company. Hammer mills with automatic sieve replacement, for example, mixers with bottom flaps for fast, residue-free emptying, meal sterilization using heat treatment, and dosing installations for micro-ingredients with a very high dosing and weighing accuracy.

Ottevanger Milling Engineers & compound feed manufacturing

Over the years, Ottevanger developed and evolved their own equipment into a very comprehensive range of high quality, efficient processing solutions such as:

  • Raw material intake systems
  • Raw material preparation equipment such as cleaners, magnets, de-stoners, etc
  • Storage facilities such as their square silos and batching equipment of exceptional accuracy
  • A range of high-performance Hammer Mills delivering grinding outcome of pre-determined particle size distribution.
    The base designs evolved into models with options such as automatic screen change
  • A range of both ribbon and paddle mixers (single and double shaft) with CV’s (coefficient of variation) exceeding international standards
  • Premix and concentrate plants with very high dosing and weighing accuracy
  • Thermal processing solutions such as conditionersBOA compactors and expanders
  • Pellet pressing and extrusion processing lines
  • Counterflow dryers and coolers
  • Vacuum coaters and continuous coaters
  • Bulk load-out systems combined with our square silos
  • A range of transitional equipment suiting every application: bucket elevators, screw conveyors, chain conveyors, pneumatic conveying systems, pendulum conveying systems, etc
  • Ottevanger offers two different plant design options depending on the application and specific project requirements:
    • Conventional plant design: where a conventional building is designed to give structural support to all processing equipment the plant contains
    • Containerized plant design: where all processing equipment and plant processes are designed to fit into multiples of standard shipping containers
  • A process control system through sister company Inteqnion ensuring overall plant efficiency is maximized

Trend-setting Design Philosophy

The ultimate goal of feed manufacturing is to produce meat, milk, and eggs at the lowest cost per kilogram. The cost of feed, the largest expense in edible protein production, is to a large extend affected by the feed milling technology used to manufacture compound feeds.  Ottevanger therefore takes great care that our feed milling solutions address not only functionality, engineering design and manufacturing workmanship, but also how it indirectly impacts on the cost of manufactured feed.