Progress MonoRolls HE

Ottevanger’s Progress MonoRolls HE, a highly stable, robust and refined pellet mill. More than 40 years of experience in development, engineering, and production ensure quality and continuity. The partially patented innovations offer a unique price/performance ratio.

A technological concept ensures an even distribution of the enormous mechanical forces on the heavy bearings of the solid main shaft and intermediate shafts. Two-stage transmission via V-belts and timing belts. Combined with the refined transmission, the robust frame guarantees a stable and vibration-free pellet mill during production.

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Features Progress MonoRolls HE

  • Very stable, vibration-free and near silent pellet mill
  • Large die surface area and roller diameter
  • Variable die speed by frequency converter (FC not included)
  • Conical die fitting
  • Central greasing system
  • Longer lifetime of main shaft bearings
  • Longer lifetime of main shaft bearings
  • Integrated pneumatic-quick dump chute

High Efficiency Line

The development of our new High Efficiency line (HE) concentrated not only on higher performances and a more hygienic design but also lower energy consumption. The new HE line gives excellent access to all maintenance areas. With this HE line we make a new step forward.

High Efficiency advantages

  • Less roller slip due to small feeding angle and large contact surface
  • Lower die speed
  • Excellent pellet quality at low die speeds
  • Less downtime due to stable operation
  • On average 30% more capacity with same energy level
  • Longer lifetime of die and roller
  • Reduced noise level