About us

Ottevanger Milling Engineers USA has been formed by a collaboration of Anderson International Corp and Ottevanger Milling Engineers.

This partnership will leverage the expertise of both companies, establishing a strong presence that provides a wide variety of Feed Mill and Cereal related solutions to existing and new clients in the United States and Canada. Thanks to its expert know-how, gained over it’s joined 245 years of experience, Anderson Feed Technology is the ideal partner for the implementation of your project.

Our expertise lies in; engineering, production, and installation of machinery and complete installations in the dry-cereal and grain processing industry such as:

  • Feed mills
  • Premix and concentrate plants
  • Aquafeed and Pet food installations
  • Cereal processing lines
  • Biomass installations

About Anderson International Corp
“Anderson International Corp, founded in 1888, is the original inventor of the screw press or Expeller® for the mechanical recovery of fats from oil bearing beans, seeds, and nuts.  In their 130-year history, Anderson has adapted the original screw press design for a variety of industrial processes, including pet food, animal feed, and synthetic rubber.  To date, Anderson has successfully designed, manufactured, and installed over 12,000 pieces of processing equipment for over 100 different types of materials in more than 100 countries with a focus on providing complete process solutions to their customer base.”

About Ottevanger Milling Engineers B.V.
Ottevanger Milling Engineers, founded in 1909, is a specialist in the design and manufacture of equipment and complete installations for the grain- and feed processing industries. The company designs and produces a comprehensive range of process equipment following the latest standards. The accumulated knowledge and experience of more than 100 years determine the quality of design, equipment and installations of Ottevanger Milling Engineers and its efficiency and reliability.

Meet our consultants

The team at Ottevanger Milling Engineers USA understands the challenges you face because we’ve been there – literally.

Wayne Cooper

“We’ve got your backs”

Wayne has worked in the feed milling industry for some 28 years – not only managing feedmills but also supervising their construction. His most recent role was Director of Feedmill Technology at the Cherkizovo Group in Russia, where he was responsible for 7 different plants.

”When you’re running a busy milling operation, it’s inevitable that the small things can get overlooked sometimes – and that’s what our work is all about. We don’t claim to have all the answers, but the one thing we do know is that if we make the feed mill operative’s job easier, it benefits not just them, but the whole operation. When it comes to get the most from your milling, we’ve got your backs.”

Mark Nazelrodt

“With our technology, we will have your feed mill working smarter, not harder”

Mark brings over 20 years’ experience in the poultry industry as Feedmill Manager responsible for the manufacturing and delivery processes with the capacity of 400,000+ tons per year. Mark has managed countless projects of various sizes within the feed milling industry from design phase to successful completion. He received the US Poultry Association Safety Award of Distinction multiple times for the implementation of safe practices within a feed mill.

”In a world where technology and engineering lead the way to making feed manufacturing as efficient as possible, look no further than Ottevanger Milling Engineers USA. At Ottevanger it’s the attention to detail that will make the difference. Trust us to get your milling process working smarter not harder”