Protector Roll

The Protector Roll regulates an even spread (flow) of grains, cereals, or mixture over a mesh screen into the Roller Mill. By cleaning the product flow from excessive impurities, the Protector Roll protects the Roller Mill from wear or possible damage which could lead to undesirable downtime.

Unique benefits

The Protector Roll feeder is based on a robust steel frame which holds several main components such as: 

  • A feeder roll to ensure constant and even spread flow of grain over mesh screen
  • A permanent magnet inside the feeder roll, to capture and release magnetic (Ferro) particles
  • A stationary mesh screen and a second screen which is set to a vibration (amplitude adjustable)
  • Screen deck available in different executions, product specific
  • By-pass valve to enable redirection all big particles back towards the rollermill
  • A spiral screw to discharge the collected impurities

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  • Protection of the Rollermill against uncontrolled wear or possible critical damage
  • Even flow of raw materials distributed over the screen
  • Screen has a high self-cleaning capacity due to a stationary and vibrating strip


  • Protector PR307 – suitable for Roller Mills types PRM307-S/D/T
  • Protector PR313 – suitable for Roller Mills types PRM313-S/D/T and PRM318-S/D/T