Roller Mills HE-Serie

The new Roller mills series HE are developed to crush or grind various materials. It can handle materials such as grain, oilseeds, biomass and others with an optimum result and low energy requirements.

One, two or three on top of each other mounted units, each with two large, independently driven rollers ensure an even flow to breaker rollers. The large-scale axially riffled breaker rollers rotate at the same speed in opposite directions and cut the pellet to a crumble.

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One top unit

The top unit consists of a continuously adjustable-speed rotating feeder which can rotate in two directions and the larger crushing rolls below. One rotating direction of the feeder is to the two solid-Hartguss breaker rolls. The opposite direction is the bypass function for products that do not require any further size reduction. The breaker rolls are independently driven by a belt drive. Roll speed is measured by speed sensors on each roll. Roll gap adjustment to 0.004″ is acheivable through manual adjustment or to 0.0004″ by automatic adjustment (optional).

One or two extra crushing units

The top unit can be extended with one or two extra crushing units, each of which consists of two solid-Hartguss breaker rolls. This ensures an optimum crushing result.

Specifications Roller Mills HE-Serie

  • Rotating feeder with two rotating directions:
    »  one direction to structure rollers
    »  opposite direction by-pass structure rollers
  • Solid construction in mild steel including an electro-pneumatic operated flap
  • Structure rollers made of ‘Hartguss’ material which extends the life 5 to 6 times
  • Oil free transmission by means of double toothed timing
  • Inlet with flange, inclusive counter flange

Options Roller Mills HE-Serie

  • Automatic roller adjustment, with adjustment accuracy 0.0004 inch
  • Available in different finishing standard


High Efficiency Line

The development of our new High Efficiency (HE) line concentrated not only on higher performances and a more hygienic design but also lower energy consumption. The new HE line gives excellent access to all maintenance areas. With this HE line Ottevanger Milling Engineers takes a new step forward.

High Efficiency advantages

  • More capacity with same energy level
  • Frequency controlled dual rotation feeder (by-pass function),
    frequency converter not included
  • Rollers are exchangeable from front and the sides
  • 50% more revision options of the rollers
  • Easy access for maintenance