Square Silo

A square silo provides 25% more storage capacity than round silos on the same floor area. So for bulk goods, square is the right shape for maximum storage capacity. First of all, a unique property of our square silo are the ultra-smooth flat walls. Even the most difficult products leave our silos without any problem. As a result of our clever design we can ensure that there are no weld seams on the inside of the structure. Yet the silo still retains its strength.

The rectangular silo concept is characterized by an optimum storage capacity and flexible layout options. A clever design produces the best possible product discharge with maximum storage capacity. With a square silo, you are also investing in a safe, hygienic working environment.

If desired, the square silos can be supported by a calculated steel construction based on the individual requirements. The calculation will be worked out in the smallest detail and meet the European standards. Also, requirements of the local regulations are taken into account.

Square silo systems consists of various steel silo components that are assembled in a modular fashion layer by layer. This system is the most effective solution for dry and granular bulk goods that are to be further processed into various types and grades.

Our steel silo panels are used to create rectangular or square silo cells that enable optimum use of the available space. The standard panels are supplied in many widths. Combining different sizes produces a range of possible cell sizes.

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