Aveve Aalter


Ottevanger Milling Engineers built for AVEVE Aalter a new bulkoutloading station with 60 silos with a content of 35 m3 each. Outloading is provided with; 5 movable weighers, 1 movable and weighing PM6000 mixer, 7 movable hoppers, 6 double contrasets and 2 single contrasets. Bulkoutloading is provided with dedicated conveying lines and mixing line for medicated feed.

The AVEVE Group is the market leader in agricultural and horticultural supplies in Belgium. It also operates the largest garden centre chain of the country. AVEVE is among the 100 major companies in Belgium. AVEVE itself operates 50 companies in Belgium and abroad.

AVEVE Animal Nutrition applies a highly developed and strict HACCP-based quality scheme. The Aalter and Merksem production facilities are GMP-certified according to the Belgian model. AVEVE Animal Nutrition supplies feeds which meet the strictest specifications of various quality labels e.g. IKM, Meritus and Certus. At the AVEVE Test Station in Poppel, new feeds are submitted to practical tests. The ‘Feed & Food Quality’ lab (FFQ) controls incoming raw materials and outgoing products.

Within the framework of environmental conservation, AVEVE Animal Nutrition also provides nutrient-low feeds as well as manure management and processing solutions and advice on environment-friendly stalls and animal welfare.

Company name Aveve Group
Country Belgium
Type Bulkoutloading station