TPC (Teck Ping Chan), est. 1978, is a renowned player in the Asian poultry farming industry. In 2016 the company decided to invest in a containerised feed mill, for mash feeds. Construction of the new plant took place and was finalised in the first halve of 2017, and is now in full operation.

This new feed mill includes the complete process from the intake to finished product. The plant has a production capacity of 30 tons per hour of Mash Feed/Layer Feed.
The produced mash feeds will be used in their own chicken farms.

Traditionally Ottevanger’s containerised, modular concept allows flexibility and future expansion.

The design of the feed mill enables TPC to produce dedicated mash feeds, according to the requirement. By means of efficient batching and grinding, the hourly plant capacity of 30 tph has been exceeded.

For Electrical Control and Automation, our partner Inteqnion took care of the tailor-made solution for this customer.

Company name Teck Ping Chan (TPC)
Country Malaysia
Product Mash Feed
Capacity 30 tph
Feedmill type Containerised