Sa Beang 111. Co


Ottevanger Milling Engineers is building a complete compound feed plant in Chonburi province for SA Beang 111 Co. The plant has a capacity of 15 tons per hour for layer feeds, and the possibility to produce pellet feeds. A modular design was the perfect solution for the limited space that was available.

Raw materials for the plant, in particular corn, soy, cassava and tapioca, are delivered by lorries and stored in silos and warehouses.

Ottevanger’s containerised concept allows for future expansion. The design of the feed mill enables Sa Beang to double output in the future by adding a hammer mill and pelleting line.

The automation part will be handled by Inteqnion’s PLC/SCADA operating system.

Company name SA Beang 111 Co.
Country Thailand
Product Layer feeds
Capacity 15 tph
Feedmill type Containerised