Rothkötter Mischfutterwerk

Rothkötter Mischfutterwerk was founded in 1959 by Franz Rothkötter. The company has specialised in the production of feed for pigs and poultry for the breeding and meat production.
For more than 50 years Rothkötter is a partner in agriculture business with respect for tradition and future. The two feedmills in Meppen-Versen and Haren, Germany, are specialized in the production of pig and chicken feed.
Rothkötter is a producer of all common feed as well as feed for pigs, broilers and chicken. They also produce company-specific feed recipes by appointment. The average annual production capacity of Rothkötter is 1,000,000 tons
Company Name Rothkötter Mischfutterwerk
Country Germany
Product Poultry & Pig
Type Conventional