Huat Lai


Incorporated in November 1994, Huat Lai Resources Berhad is one of the leading producers of commercial  table eggs and poultry products in the country and the region. With a modest beginning at a 15-acre layer farm in Serkam, Melaka, it has grown to become a modern,  advanced and fully integrated poultry company which principal activities such as poultry farming, sale of  eggs, manufacturing of poultry feeds, paper egg trays, slaughtered chicken, as well as value-added poultry products and fertilizers.

Over the years, the company has continued to expand and had invested significantly in plant and machinery as part of its expansion and development program towards full automation. Since 2008, it has been operating a fully integrated poultry company featuring a hatchery, slaughterhouse, in-house feed mill factory that see each production process employing high-tech automated facility. The company began working diligently towards quality assurance and received the prestigious award on 10 August 2001. It was being listed on Bursa Malaysia on July 2002, merely eight years after its inception.

Company name Huat Lai Feedmill
Country Malaysia
Feedmill type  Containerised Plant