OAO Alexandriyskoye has a leading position in the Republic of Belarus in the field of growing crops, cultivation of pigs and poultry, cattle breading and milk production, meat production and slaughter. They also breed fish in their own ponds.
Ottevanger built two greenfield feed mills for OAO Alexandriyskoye:
Alexandriyskoye I: a multispecies feed mill for the production of pig food. The capacity of the plant is 10 tonnes per hour mash and 5 tonnes per hour pellets.
Alexandriyskoye II: also a multispecies feed mill for the production of cattle and poultry feed. The total capacity is 10 tonnes per hour for poultry and 15 tonnes per hour for pig feed.


Company Name Alexandriyskoye
Country Russia
Product Poultry & Pig
Feed mill type Conventional greenfield
Years 2007 & 2011