Premix & Concentrates

A very long history in the Industry gave Ottevanger Milling Engineers the experience and expertise to supply tailor-made solutions for the complete spectrum of Premix & Concentrate applications.  Engineering and Equipment solutions range from small mill-and-mix operations to large dedicated feed mills.

Ottevanger equipment for premix and concentrate plants meet and exceed international standards in terms of design, hygiene, safety and efficiency.  Innovative design results in exceptional mixing accuracy and end product quality.  State-of-the-art engineering layout and process control design leads to negligible cross contamination.

Ottevanger has an optimised premix and concentrate solution for any application from intake to packaging or bagging.

The Process

The following steps reflects important considerations during design of a premix and concentrate plant. Ottevanger supplies complete plants as well as individual equipment meeting capacity and other requirements.

raw ingredient intake


The design and specification of the Intake part of the plant depends on the type micro ingredients; macro ingredients and carriers to be used in the process. Carrier materials will require special design attention to cleaning, destining and removal of any potential metals.

Dosing and weighing

Every premix or concentrate is the result of a complex formula of various ingredients. Creating these accurate formulas requires extremely accurate dosing & weighing and equipment. Ottevanger premix and concentrate solutions result in exceptional accuracies and ensure an optimised product quality / cost relationship.


The macro and micro-ingredients as well as liquid additives eventually come together in a mixer. Ottevanger supplies various mixer designs ( ribbon mixer, paddle mixer, vertical mixer and a continuous mixer) depending on application. Mixer choice is affected by the desired capacity, ingredient characteristics and desired mixing accuracy. After mixing the final product goes directly to a packaging or bagging station.


Control and prevention of cross contamination between batches of premixes and concentrates is a very important part of a good design. Ottevanger minimises this risk by following a vertical design and layout approach, making use of gravity instead of conveyors to move product to the next processing step. In addition, state-of-the-art process control assists in operational sequencing further minimising the potential risk of cross contamination