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High Efficiency Line

Ongoing research and development based on the needs of the market results in continuous innovations that optimize the performance of our machinery. We invest continuously in an optimization of our machinery which brings benefits such as higher yields, lower energy consumption, low maintenance requirements and access to state-of-the-art technology.

One of our recent innovative solutions is our High Efficiency line (HE-line).

The development of our new HE-line concentrated not only on higher performances and a more ergonomic and hygienic design but also more capacity with a same energy level. The new HE line gives excellent access to all maintenance areas for easy maintenance and cleaning.

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Lower energy consumption

Higher performance

New ergonomic design

More revision options

Longer Lifetime

Easy maintenance access

Crumbler HE

Optimum result with maximum crumble An integrated rotating feeder ensures an even distribution of the pellets to the crumble rollers.

Accurate measurement The large 300mm crumble rollers guarantee an optimum result

Exchangeable Rollers The rollers can be easily replaced from the front and the sides

Rollers independently driven The remote roller adjustment system increases the efficiency and simplifies the adjustment of the rollerdistance during production


Ottevanger’s crumble technology is based on two large, independently driven rollers. That ensures an optium result of minimum fines with maximum crumble.

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Hammer mill HE

New ergonomic design The new design offers many advantages including easy access for maintenance

Reduced noise level The machine is built on heavy base frame with shock absorbers

Precisely balanced rotor Guarantees a long service life

Adjustable breaker plates  Increases a smooth flow of product through the grinding chamber.


100 years of experience and innovation have led to the development of a wide range of high-efficiency hammer mills.

The GHM series are equipped with adjustable breaker plates which can be positioned vertically according to the direction of rotation.

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Roller Mill HE

One, two or three on top The top unit can be extended with one or two extra crushing units, each of which consists of two solid-Hartguss breaker rolls. This ensures an optimum crushing result.

Two rotating directions One rotating direction of the feeder is to the two solid-Hartguss breaker rolls. The opposite direction is the bypass function.

Solid construction Mild steel including an electro-pneumatic operated flap. Structure rollers made of ‘Hartguss’ material which extends the life 5 to 6 times.

Optimum accuracy  As an option the machine can be extended with automatic roller adjustment with an adjusment accuracy of 0,01

Frequency controlled dual rotation feeder (by-pass function)


Ottevanger’s crumble technology is based on two large, independently driven rollers. That ensures an optium result of minimum fines with maximum crumble…

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Progress MonoRoll HE

Less roll slip Due to small feeding angle and large contact surface..

Lower die speed Excellent pellet quality at low die speeds

Longer lifetime  Due to new techniques the Ring Die and Roll Shell will wear less

Very stable, vibration-free and near silent pellet mill Very stable, vibration-free and near silent pellet mill


Progress MonoRoll HE, a highly stable, robust and refined pellet mill. A technological concept ensures an even distribution of the enormous mechanical forces on the heavy bearings of the solid main shaft and intermediate shafts.

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