Key issues in aquatic feed plant design

The demand for fish will increase by 25% in the coming years. This trend pulls with an increased demand for the production of high-quality fish feed and process technology.

Agriculture engineer Hennie Pieters wrote in co-operation with online magazine about a few important key issues considering the development and design of an aquatic feed plant.
The first step is to make an accurate scope of the project before proceeding the flow design, layout of the plant and choosing the equipment.
Understanding the market lays the foundation for a successful plant design.

This article gives more insight in which equipment can be used for shaping fish feed, general mistakes in used extrusion techniques, raw material storage, size reduction, liquid application and more.

The item will be the start of a series of articles where Hennie Pieterse will share his 25 years of experience serving the extrusion industry.

Article aquafeed: Key issues in aquatic feed plant design