Ottevanger Milling Engineers offers a range of extruders which are used for a wide range of single screw extrusion solutions for different applications.

Extrusion in the manufacturing of animal feed is a thermal process where starchy and protein based ingredients will be kneaded and cooked under specific moisture conditions.

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Why extruders?

  • To minimise the effect of any anti nutritional factors
  • To fulfill specific process requirements (ANF)
  • To maximise nutritional value of feed

Features Extruders

  • Rigid construction / continuous operation
  • Minimum space requirements
  • V-belt or direct drive
  • High quality product
  • Low cost of wear parts
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy to control
  • Less downtime for maintenance

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The Ottevanger Extruders are used for a wide range of products and processes such as:

The sturdy construction and basically simple design guarantee years of trouble free and economical production.


Range of Extruders

Type Drive main motor(kW) Drive cutter(kW) Barrel diameter(mm) Capacity(tph)
AL150 45-75 1,5 150 0,5-1,2
AL200 75-132 2,2 200 1,5-3,0
AL300 132-315 7,5 300 2,5-8,0
AL350 315-400 11 350 4,0-9,0