Working towards the factory of the future

Ottevanger newsletter September

Working towards the factory of the future

Automation and digitization are now playing an increasingly important role within the feed industry. The advancing technology offers the potential for machines and installations to generate increasing amounts of data. This allows manufacturers, for example, to create more targeted maintenance programs; monitor performance; and make production analyses. We want to help our customers use data in a useful and practical way – which is why, together with our Triott sister companies, we have started ‘Milling 2030’: a program where we work today to realize the factory of tomorrow.

We work on digital twins (a digital ‘copy’ of your factory, used for analysis and optimization); as well as smart maintenance and smart dashboards. Furthermore, we are focusing not only supplying projects and machines to our customers, but also to make a real difference through our services.

We are currently having conversations with various customers to help make these right choices. This involves pleasant, open – and sometimes also critical – conversations, that enable us to gain a lot of insights; not just about market developments, but also the daily challenges that customers face. As part of these conversations, we test new solutions to see to what extent they meet customer needs, with the feedback collected used to ensure that we will eventually only develop those products and services that our customers are really waiting for.

The first results will be ready in early 2022. For example, we are working on the first release of a spare part webshop that helps customers easily find and order the relevant parts online. We are also renewing our maintenance services offer. In addition, we are developing dashboards that provide insight into the current performance of production locations in the Cloud. The Cloud is only an online storage method: the insight is provided in a customer portal or own protected environment.

Are you interested in being involved in these new developments at an early stage? We are curious about your needs and ideas – so feel free to contact us if you’d like to participate in our Milling 2030 program. You can also watch the Feed Forward episode about this topic here: The future of feed milling