Nupetsa (under construction)


State-of-the-art Modumill in Honduras

Close to San Pedro Sula in Honduras, nestled between the motorway and the jungle, Ottevanger is building the most modern multifunctional compound feed factory in Latin America from the ground up for Nupetsa. “This project is unique in all kinds of ways,” says Area Sales Manager Doeke Oosterbaan. “That goes for the sales process to execution, as well as all the challenges we’re facing.”

The contract was concluded online in the summer of 2021, before the client and contractor had ever physically met. Oosterbaan: “We couldn’t travel due to the COVID-19 restrictions, so we used MS Teams to discuss everything in conjunction with our local agent, Americas Milling & Farming LLC. It’s remarkable how such strong mutual trust was gained in these circumstances.” Even after signing the contract, all contact continued to be through conference calls. It was only in April this year that Oosterbaan first set foot on the project location, where seven construction teams were already working hard on the foundations, silos, and other tasks.

Hygiene Asset

The fully modular 30-t/h feed mill under construction at this location is made up of dosing silos and the grinding mixing line as well as two compact press lines. It is being fitted out with the most innovative, efficient equipment, such as the latest fully automatic microdosing system, and presses and crumblers with automatic roller adjustment. The thermal Conditioner equipment on one press line designed to kill bacteria such as salmonella is a first for South America. This is combination of a hot start conditioner and a retention time barrel that can treat both pellets and concentrates with mash for laying hens. Oosterbaan: “Nupetsa is well aware that advanced automation helps produce high-quality, hygienic feed. That’s why the entire system will be fully automated, from intake to filling bulk trucks and bags. The equipment includes barcode scanners, touch panels, sensors, radar, and so on. The automation includes an extremely reliable track & trace system that handles the administration of raw materials and finished products. We’ve not only set a high bar with the advanced controls, but also in terms of hygiene. Dust filters will be installed at all intake points and on all conveyors to keep the entire factory free of dust.”

Broad scope

What makes this project so special is its scope: In addition to the installation and machinery, Ottevanger Milling Engineers is also supplying the steam boiler and the complete wiring and electronic controls. This includes switch boxes, automation, transformers, and the connection to the public electricity grid. Power cuts are common in this area, so two large generators with automatic switching are being installed to keep the factory running at all times. Ottevanger is also providing the connection to these generators. 

One big Ottevanger team

The goal is for the factory to be fully operational by the end of 2022, despite a number of challenges such as transport and the availability of electrical components. “We’re on schedule so far. The containers with the dosing silos and the steel structure are en route. It’s important that the roof structure is in place by the time the rest of the installation arrives, because the rainy season is coming.” Oosterbaan is confident. “The people are great! I’m really impressed with their professionalism, and everyone is committed to making this factory a success. Things are progressing well, even in temperatures over 35 °C! It really does feel like one big Ottevanger team with a common goal.”

Ottevangers Modumill – compact animal feed installations in container modules

Nupetsa decided to install the Modumill, a unique Ottevanger concept in which the installation is delivered as ready-made modules the size of 20-ft sea containers. The modular system can be used for all kinds of installations with a capacity of up to 60 mt/h. It is designed specifically for the customer with all the machines needed, perfectly coordinated with each other in the right configuration. Before shipping, Ottevanger assembles the parts in its own workshop in steel frames to be plug & play ready. Building the installation on location is then simply a matter of placing the containers next to and on top of each other according to the design and connecting them. It this way, the Modumill saves a huge amount of time.

Oosterbaan: “Nupetsa is over the moon with the Modumill. Not just because of all the advantages, they also think the installation is beautiful, cool, and different.”

Company Name Nupetsa
Country Honduras
Product Poultry
Feedmill Type Modular
Year Under construction


Advantages of the Modumill

  • Significant time savings on site with plug & play assembly
  • Convenience: The design includes the steel support structure
  • Lower shipping costs: no need to rent or purchase containers because the installation itself is made up of containers
  • Savings on construction costs and the entire building with the compact, self-supporting installation structure
  • Various capacities available for the production of concentrates, fish food, dog food, cat food, premixes, etc.
  • Quality: a high-quality Ottevanger product backed by 50 years of experience with Modumill