The largest Russian research and production enterprise for premixes and protein-vitamin-mineral concentrates for all kinds of farm animals. In December 2015 Ottevanger Milling Engineers delivered the second premix plant in the special economic zone Terbuny (Russia).

The factory is equipped with the most advanced manufacturing/production technologies. The premix facility has separate production lines with a capacity of 10 metric tonnes per hour. One of the two premix production lines has been designed for the production of premixes of pharmaceutical products.

Product intake
The strategic location(of the factory) allows suppliers to deliver raw materials by train and truck. The intake capacity by train is 60 cubic meters per hour and by truck 40 cubic meters per hour.

The plant has an annual capacity of 140.000 metric tonnes of premix per year. The International research association of Feed Technology (IFF) confirmed the accuracy of the production cycle by the test protocol IFF No. 2.435.

Company name Megamix
Country Russia
Type Premix
Year 2016