Cairo Poultry Company (CPC)


Cairo Poultry Company(CPC), founded in 1977 by the Americana Group, is the largest poultry company in Egypt and a leading player in the region Middle East and North Africa. CPC is a vital exporter to the GCC markets and the African Markets with important clients as Egyptian Army, US department of defense(Middle East) and prominent hotels & restaurants like Marriott, Sheraton, Hyatt Regency, MC Donald’s, KFC, Burger King etcetera.

CPC covers all steps of the production cycle, including grandparents, parents, hatcheries, broilers, processing, and the related industry of starch and glucose products such as animal feed.

To ensure the quality of the chicken CPC produces its own animal feed. CPC produces poultry-compounded animal feed in the form of pellets, crumbs and mash.
In 2012 Ottevanger Milling Engineers started to build a new complete conventional compound feed plant in Nubaria(Egypt). Ottevanger was responsible for the design, engineering, manufacture, supply, installation, supervision and commissioning of the project. Since the beginning of 2013 the plant is operational.

The new feed mill processing line has a production capacity of 90 mt/h mash or 60 mt/h in pellets or crumbs. It almost nearly doubled CPC’s overall feed production capacity. The new line runs 15 batches of 6 metric tons per hour.

The Ottevanger engineers developed a design plan in order to ensure possible future expansion.

Company name Cairo Poultry Company(CPC)
Country Egypt
Feedmill type Conventional