Interview with Sulimen – Ottevanger’s people

Sulimen – Ottevanger Moerkapelle

‘I make sure our production is never
low on stock’

Work planner

3,5 Years


Can you introduce yourself?

Hi everybody! My name is Sulimen, I am 48 years old and I have a wife and two children. I was born in Morocco, but in 1978 I moved to the Netherlands with my parents. A year and a half later we went back to Morocco. My mother got homesick, after which we went back with her. In the meantime, my father continued to work in the Netherlands, which sometimes was quite difficult for us. That is why we ultimately chose to return to the Netherlands with the whole family.

For how long have you been working at Ottevanger?

I have been working at Ottevanger as a machine builder for 3.5 years now. Prior to Ottevanger I had a job quite similar to this. However, I had to spend a lot of time every day to get there, because of the distance between my home and that job. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. I can now go to work by bike.

What are your tasks and responsibilities?

Basically I have two jobs at Ottevanger. I work as a machine builder, but also 1 or 2 days a week as a work planner. Therefore, the tasks I have differ each day. When I work in production, I am responsible for assembling and manufacturing complete machines. The other days I’m busy with the process that precedes production: ordering materials and other parts. This way everyone is able to continue with their project, without having delays caused by low stock.

What does a working day normally look like?

About three days a week I make machines or machine parts based on a technical drawing. The other two days I am busy ordering materials behind the computer. This ensures that there is always sufficient stock for the production of machine(parts). So I actually have two types of working days. When I work as a machine builder, my day is very different from when I work as a work planner. I really like this variety.

What do you like so much about your job?

The best thing about my job is the satisfaction it gives me. For example when I complete a fully working machine, knowing it started with just bare metal and loose parts. It’s really nice that you can make such a technically advanced machine yourself. I also really like the combination of my two jobs. As a work planner I get in touch with a lot of people, which I also really enjoy. This way I can combine my interests and have a good combination of tasks and responsibilities that I like. This keeps me sharp and I’m never on autopilot, really.

What would you like to say to all the readers?

I truly enjoy working at Ottevanger. When I see what we are capable of, I can only be proud of it. It is a really nice company with nice colleagues.