In the spotlight: FeedValid doubles protein ingredient production with thermal treatment

FeedValid’s mission is to contribute to more efficient and sustainable food production while adding value to the animals’ quality of life. In order to meet growing demand for high-quality ingredients, the company installed a new production line from Ottevanger Milling Engineers at its factory in Poederoijen, The Netherlands at the end of 2020. As a result, FeedValid has doubled the productioncapacity for rumen-resistant, protein-rich feed ingredients through the more efficient thermal heat treatment of malt, oil seeds and legumes.   

Thermal treatment boosts digestibility

The linchpin of the new production process is the heat-treated conditioning of natural additives, which goes a step further than previously used chemical processing. With the new line, FeedValid can make protein-rich feed ingredients more resistant in a shorter process time – thus improving their digestibility.

Less protein, same results

By improving digestibility, livestock farmers can now achieve consistent results while reducing not on the amount of protein in the feed, but also nitrogen and methane emissions. In fact, this new technology enables a 15 percent reduction of raw protein in the feed.

A two-part process

Developed in partnership with amongst others Ottevanger, this new line includes technology from its sister companies within the Triott Group: IVS Dosing Technology supplied the steam and liquid systems; while PTN provided the rollermill, mixer, conditioner and press. The line consists of two parts.

  • In the first part, the raw materials are cleaned and brought to a high-quality nutritional and microbiological level.
  • In the second part, the raw materials undergo direct and indirect thermal treatments.

Key factors include time, humidity, aeration and cooling. Built-in weighing is also provided; with supplements prepared via a separate process.

Smooth installation

Installing the new line was a challenge in itself – as this had to be achieved inside an existing building, between two lines that needed to remain operational. This meant an extremely fast and efficient exchange was needed to enable the ‘old’ line to run until the very last minute. This was all achieved successfully (and safely) despite the added challenge of COVID 19. Job done.

About FeedValid

FeedValid (part of Brokking Beheer BV) supplies ingredients for efficient and sustainable animal nutrition, by enriching raw materials and processing residual flows from the food industry into circular raw materials. Efficient use of all raw materials ensures an optimal feed composition that reduces emissions of phosphate, nitrogen and Co2.  

Erik Ottevanger & Jeroen Rossy