Feed Forward Conditioning special part 2: The guide to great conditioning

Part two of the Feed Forward Conditioning Special is set for broadcast on 15 June at 11am CET, entitled simply: ‘The guide to great conditioning’.

Conditioning process

It follows Part One of this special (called: ‘It all starts with steam’), which focused on the importance of overheated dry steam to pellet quality. Now, this second episode picks up the story by moving to the conditioning process itself.

Once again, the episode will be hosted by Triott companies PTN and Almex (with IVS supporting) – and will feature a unique visual walkthrough of the entire conditioning process. Viewers will learn how to unlock greater value from their conditioning process with the ultimate goal of producing the highest-quality product at the optimum price/capacity.

“Conditioning is an incredibly broad and complex topic, which is precisely why we wanted to use the medium of Feed Forward to help ‘lift the lid’ on the process,” said Erik Ottevanger, Triott Director. “From the reaction we have already received to part one of this Conditioning Special, it’s clear that there are significant untapped opportunities out there for feedmills and their customers. Quite simply, we want to make sure that our viewers get the very most from their conditioning operations and thrive in the years ahead.”

Contents of ‘The guide to great conditioning’ will include:

  • An overview of the four critical factors needed to achieve optimal conditioning (heat, moisture, retention time and mechanical pressure).
  • How to balance these considerations based on the end goal of the feed mill – from pellet quality and pellet press productivity to optimal nutrition and hygienization.
  • A practical, animated overview of how all this translates to different conditioning technologies and set-ups: from single/double/triple conditioners to the Hot Start Conditioner, Retention Time Barrel, BOA Compactor and expander.
  • Valuable third-party insight and experience on conditioning from leading PTN and Almex customer, the AGRAVIS group.
  • A brief look at the science behind conditioning and the potential for ‘putting conditioning to the test’ under lab conditions.


Viewers will be able to submit questions and comments both before the show broadcasts (direct and via social channels); and throughout the broadcast itself via livestream. The team will then answer questions during or after the transmission, either directly or via social media.

“We are very excited to be hosting this this next episode of Feed Forward,” said Ronald ten Cate, Area Sales Manager, PTN. “Every day we work very closely with our sister companies Almex, IVS and Ottevanger to help customers optimize their conditioning process. This is a great opportunity to share many years of collective knowledge and experience – and enable viewers to establish the ideal conditioning operation for their own unique needs.”

For more information about part one, please visit https://www.ptn.nl/feedforward  or the Triott website