Interview with Sibel – Ottevanger’s people

Sibel – Ottevanger Aalten

“I make high quality machine parts.”

Production Assistant

3 Years


Can you introduce yourself?
Hi! My name is Sibel and I work at Ottevanger Aalten as a production assistant.

For how long have you been working at Ottevanger?
In October I will be working at Ottevanger for three years. My previous job was very different, so before I started at Ottevanger I did a welding course. I’m glad I started doing this course, because it turned out to be a very good fit for me. In the past, women naturally didn’t think of a technical education and you were quickly sent in a different direction. I really like that I ended up doing this work.

What are your tasks and responsibilities?
My job is to carry out inventory management assignments. Our workplace manager normally assigns me a project after which I start making machine parts. I make slides, elevators, valve boxes, elevator feet and elevator heads. When I’m done with a part, it goes to the warehouse, after which other colleagues can use it.

What does a working day normally look like?
If I’m working on an assignment, I’ll pick up where I left off the previous day. When my assignment is finished I go back to our manager for a new drawing and then I can start a new project. The best thing about my job is a coherence of all kinds of aspects. The variety of the work I do also keeps it fun. I do not often have to do the same things for some days in a row and that is very nice. I think Ottevanger is a harmonious company where I feel at home. I work with fantastic colleagues. No one is surprised that women work in production and colleagues are always friendly and helpful. In addition, I often receive compliments about my work, which is, of course, also very nice.

What would you like to be able to do (even better) and what are you proud of?
I would like to improve the technical aspect of my work. Reading a technical drawing is a good example of this.

I am also very proud that I did the welding course and that I now have work that I really like.

Do you have anything left to say to all the readers?
I think the atmosphere in the workplace is great and I hope that the culture here will be preserved. I like the working atmosphere that prevails here. I hope to be able to stay here until I retire.