Rewatch our 3th FeedForward episode: The future of feed milling

The future of feed milling, what’s in store for 2021 and beyond?

“The future of feed milling”, the third FeedForward episode focuses on a data-driven and digital future. How does a feed mill and it’s software perform and look when we are moving away from analog? And how long will it take to get there? Triott’s director of development, René Ottevanger, discussed this topic with Marijn Laurensse (Inteqnion) and Auke Markerink (Ottevanger Milling Engineers) to give you a view on feed milling in 2021 and far beyond…

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“The idea behind Feed Forward is to offer a new way of bringing the industry together and – as the name suggests – look forward to how we can help feed mills stay competitive in these challenging times. We wanted to create something that was informative and practical in tackling very actual industry topics, while also being entertaining.” – Ottevanger director, Erik Ottevanger

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