Gsellmann Mischfuttererzeugung GmbH


Unique organic feed factory for Gsellmann Mischfuttererzeugung GmbH in Austria

Organic compound feed is on the rise, but whereas many compound feed producers merely redesign smaller existing installations to create organic compound feed factories, Gsellmann Mischfuttererzeugung GmbH decided to build one from scratch. The result is unique in Europe. Construction of the factory, under the project leadership of Ottevanger Milling Engineers, began in August 2021.

Gsellmann and Ottevanger are natural partners; they are both family businesses with a long history, who have already been working together for more than 20 years. Ottevanger supplies Gsellmann with various machines to manufacture standard compound feed, as well as specialised equipment such as a complete flour sterilisation/heating line (15 t/h) for special poultry feeds. The organic feed factory, with an impressive capacity of 30 t/h, is a logical next step. Gsellmann will mainly supply this product to the regional market, where there are many relatively smaller and specialised organic farms. After commissioning, approximately 70% of the factory’s output will be feed for laying hens. A smaller percentage will be feed for cattle, which will indirectly benefit the production of organic milk and associated organic dairy products.

The production of organic compound feed

Gsellmann uses special organic grains (no pesticides used) in the organic feed. It is crucial that this organic raw material is kept separate from conventional raw materials, so great care is being taken to prevent cross contamination. Hygiene also plays an important role in other respects, and being given full attention. Contaminants such as mycotoxins, for example, are more common in organic grains. This means the grains have to be thoroughly pre-cleaned before entering the line, and the flour has to be heated (sterilized) in the production process. This aspect is particularly acute when it comes to poultry feeds, where

the main priority is preventing Salmonella and minimising acids. Ottevanger Milling Engineers’ experience and expertise in this area really came in useful. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, compounded by the war in Ukraine, the original schedule has been maintained for the time being. This unique factory made fully operational this year Q4 of the last year. 

Best practice team effort

  • Ottevanger Milling Engineers – responsible for building the factory as main contractor
  • TSC – responsible for supplying silos to store raw materials and finished feed
  • PTN – responsible for supplying the sterilization installation
  • IVS Dosing Technology – responsible for supplying the steam and liquid dosing technology
  • Almex – responsible for supplying the expander


Company Name Gsellmann Mischfuttererzeugung GmbH
Country Austria
Product (Bio) Compound feed
Feedmill Type Conventional
Capacity 30 T/H
Year 2022