Interview with Ivora – Ottevanger’s people

Ivora – Ottevanger Aalten

“I make stock parts that always keep our clients in business.”

Production Assistant

3 Years


Can you introduce yourself?
Hey! My name is Ivora and I am 55 years old.

For how long have you been working at Ottevanger?
I have been working here for almost three years now. When I got the opportunity to do something new, I didn’t have to hesitate. It was a great opportunity for me. I really enjoy the work I do now.

What are your tasks and responsibilities?
I mainly make stock for machine parts, like slides and elevators. When I’m done with a part, it goes to the warehouse, from where it goes on to other colleagues. They then use the parts I have made when assembling or overhauling a machine.

The variety in my work ensures that my work is always fun. Every day is a new challenge, and we also have customer-specific differences. This is of course also the challenge for me.

What does a working day normally look like?
A working day always starts with a cup of coffee outside with colleagues. I often start with the project where I left off the previous day. If this is not the case, I start with a new project. Because no day is the same, the work I have to do is a lot of fun: it never gets boring.

The best thing about my job is the variety, the independence and the responsibility I get to ensure that my own work is good. If I do something wrong, a colleague will suffer from it. This makes me want to do a good job and be good at what I do. The colleagues also ensure that working here is nice, the atmosphere between us is really good.

What would you like to be able to do (even better) and what are you proud of?
When I came here to do my internship, I had an internship supervisor. He is a fantastic welder, I would like to be as good as him one day. In addition, I am proud that after I’ve had a permanent job for 30 years, I started doing an internship again to learn something completely new, and still work here three years later. This means that I’m doing something right here and I’m certainly proud of that.

Do you have anything left to say to all the readers?
I really experience Ottevanger as an inclusive company. I was immediately included in the group and everyone accepted me right away. As a result, I don’t experience the work I do as a typical ‘men’s world’ and I therefore think that many women can do this, even though it is hard work sometimes.