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Your personal assistant to support you with service and maintenance.

Ottevanger Milling Engineers supports its partners all over the world before, during and after the delivery of a machine or project. Ottevanger Services consists of a team of specialists who have the answer on all the questions/issues about production equipment and processing lines for the grain processing and compound feed industry. Our service team provides technical support, service, maintenance management, on-site services, spare parts, components and audits.

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Ottevanger Services benefits

Focus on minimum downtime of installation

Set up service level – and maintenance management program

Periodical audit of installation

Control of cost of ownership

Supply of original quality parts

Global placement of equipment or spare parts

Regular inspections

Our regular inspections (audits) provide you with an objective picture of the condition and operation of a machine or system. This service highlights wear and tear in good time and prevents malfunctions and stoppages. For this purpose, we send an experienced service agent to your site for one day.

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It is not always necessary to replace a worn machine. In many cases an overhaul or service update will be sufficient. After a thorough inspection we can estimate what the options are for extending a machine’s service life.

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Specific maintenance

If a system is not working properly or is causing problems in other ways, we are ready to evaluate the situation at a moment’s notice. With our expertise and experience, we can suggest the best solution for every situation.

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Preventive maintenance

Regular inspections can also form part of a preventive maintenance programme. This minimises machine or system downtime and significantly improves the quality of your product. A preventive maintenance plan is not an off-the-shelf solution, so we work closely with your technical staff to produce a plan tailored to your needs and capacities.

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Spare part programme

To ensure your machines are available and performing properly at all times, it is essential to use high quality original spare parts and components from Ottevanger Services. Timely replacement of worn parts minimises downtimes and production losses.

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Welcome to Service Pro

Ottevanger Milling Engineers supports its partners all over the world before, during and after delivering a machine or project. With the Service Pro App we are taking a new step in the accessibility of our service department

Key features

Easy request / order spareparts

Add photo’s to you request

Works with or without internet connection

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