Crumblers HE

The Crumblers HE-serie is a new crumbler line based on years of experience with a focus on high performance and high efficiency.The Ottevanger crumbler technology is based on two large, independently driven rollers. That ensures an optimum result of minimum fines with maximum crumble. An integrated rotating feeder ensures an even distribution of the pellets to the crumble rollers. Large-scale axially and radially riffled crumble rollers rotate at equal speeds in opposite directions, and cut the pellet to a crumble. Using accurate measurement, the large 300mm crumble rollers guarantee an optimum result. The remote roller adjustment increases the efficiency and simplifies the adjustment of the roller during production.

Specifications of the Crumblers HE-serie

  • Housing manufactured from mild steel
  • Rotating feeder from mild steel
  • Two solid 300mm axially and radially riffled crumble rollers from hard cast iron (hartguss)
  • Rollers independentlydriven
  • Transmission via V-belts
  • Accurate adjustment of crumble size
  • Manual or remote roller adjustment
  • Read-outs accurate to 0,1 mm
  • Safety provision via die springs against foreign objects
  • Heavy duty, closed shaft bearings
  • Inspectionhatchwith safety switch
  • Level indication included

High Efficiency Line

The development of our new High Efficiency (HE) line concentrated not only on higher performances and a more hygienic design but also lower energy consumption.
The new HE line gives excellent access to all maintenance areas. With this HE line Ottevanger takes a new step forward.

High Efficiency advantages

  • More capacity with same energy level
  • Frequency controlled dual rotation feeder (by-pass function), frequency converter not included
  • Rollers are exchangeable from front and the sides
  • 50% more revision options of the rollers
  • Easy access for maintenance

Range of Crumblers HE

Types Capacity (tph)  Dimensions
CR 307  0 – 15 1356 1216 875
CR 313  10 – 30 1956 1216 875
CR 318  15 – 40 2496 1216 875

The mentioned capacity depends on:

  • Kind of product
  • Diameter of the pellet (mm)
  • Kahl hardness of the pellet (kg pressure)
  • Density of the pellet Kahl (kg/dm3)
  • Required dimensions of the crumble (mm)