Vibrating Sieves

Vibrating sieves are used to remove grit and fine particles from the pellet flow. They are available in a single-deck and a double-deck version. The sieve frame is suspended in a frame made up of hollow sections by means of laminated springs. The sieve inlet has a flexible connection to the screen area. The single-deck version has two outlets (one for pellets, the other for fines).

The double-deck version has three outlets (coarse material, pellets and fines). The cover is secured with quick-release fasteners for simple screen changes. It is driven by a special vibration motor which ensures virtually vibration-free operation.

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Range of Vibrating sieves

Type Screen area(m²) Single deck(tph) decks(tph) decks(tph)
400×1250 0,5 up to 10 up to 10 up to 5
630×1600 1,0 up to 25 up to 25 up to 15
800×2000 1,6 up to 25 up to 25 up to 25