Therminator – Sanitizers

The Ottevanger Therminator – Sanitizers is used for thermal treatment of compound mash feed in order to remove pathogenic germs like salmonellae etc. A screwfeeder continuously brings the feed into the conditioner, where dry steam is added for heating up the product to a temperature of 85 degrees C. From there, the product enters the pre-heated Therminator for a retention time of approx. 4 minutes. The specially designed rotor, ensures a first-in to first-out performance, so every single particle gets the required treatment

Features Therminator – Sanitizers

  • Guaranteed retention time and temperature
  • Stainless steel housing and rotor with 100 mm thick insulation
  • Easy cleaning through a large, hydraulic operated door
  • Low power consumption
  • Available in capacities of up to 30 tph.

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Range of Therminators – Sanitizers

Type Capacity at 
4 min. retention(tph) 
of barrel(mm)
Model 900 15 900 4000 3,0 2,3
Model 1250 30 1250 4000 7,5 4,5