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Rotary Sieves

Rotary sieves are available in single-deck and double-deck versions. A rotary sieve plate in a steel housing ensures an accurate sifting of the product.

This type of sieve is often used as a pellet sieve, with the sieved fine particles being fed back into the pellet press. It is also used as a by-pass for hammer mills, routing fine particles outside the hammer mill to the next phase of the production process. Double-deck rotary sieves were specially designed for hammer mills that grind at various sieve perforations or use a crumbler.

The inlet of the double-deck version has a pneumatically controlled valve which can switch between the top and the bottom deck, with sensors that relay the position to the process control panel. Automatic cleaning using compressed air keeps the sieve perforations free of blockages. A buffer tank provides adequate supplies of air.

The rotary sieve is completely enclosed and has a connection for dust extraction. The flange-mounted motor underneath ensures a vibration-free operation and is supported by four legs.